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Strategy & Innovation

Innovation is happening at an unprecedented rate across industries. However, innovation doesn’t just “happen.” It takes people, ideas, investment, action, organization, collaboration, and iteration. Throughout my career, I’ve navigated these topics from a variety of angles: advisor, doer, and leader.

COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is a calling for us to come together globally and rally against a common goal. While only a small piece of the overall fight, N95DECON is a scientific consortium for data-driven study of N95 filtering facepiece respirator decontamination.

Bicycle Advocacy

Bicycles are a literal vehicle for physical fitness, mental wellbeing, environmental responsibility. But in many places, this world-changing mode of transportation takes a distant back seat to automobiles when it comes to infrastructure investment, maintenance, and public planning. I am an advocate for the mighty, lowly bicycle.


Some amateur photographers are incredibly creative. Others are highly skilled. Others just take lots of photos and hope for the best. I am mostly in the latter camp. Spending time outside and in out-of-the-ordinary situations (including pre-dawn bike commutes, piloting small aircraft, and travels to Chernobyl) occasionally creates unique opportunities to capture striking visuals of the world around us.

If you are seeking a professional photographer, please consider reaching out to these two very talented individuals: Daniel Cronin and Neil DaCosta.


Travel is a privilege and a window into the world, getting a glimpse outside of our personal bubbles. The memories are lasting, regardless of whether the goal is hedonism or helping, business or bliss.

Select Travelogues:
Papua New Guinea
Patagonia by bicycle
Shan State, Myanmar
SF to LA by bicycle

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