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Ramblings and photos from various trips, ranging from the tame to the inane.

Papua New Guinea

We had ten weeks to travel. Each time we explained our intended itinerary people would react the same way. Fiji: "Cool!" New Zealand: "That sounds amazing!" Syndey, Australia: "Amazing city. You will love it." Papua New Guinea: "Huh? Where is that? Do people go there? Why?" Well, one reason to go is to experience something different. And different it was!


Hawaii. Palm Spring. Seattle. Paris. All perfectly normally places for a guy from California to go on vacation. But Chernobyl? Most people looked at me as if I was a lunatic when I mentioned that I would be traveling to Ukraine spend four days exploring the Chernobyl Exclusions Zone with my good friend (and professional photographer) Dan Cronin. It was no week at the beach, but it was a fantastic trip into "the zone."


For many, the word "Patagonia" conjures thoughts of true wilderness. Vast expanses of rugged, windswept land abutting frigid seas and daunting mountain peaks. A land where sheep outnumber people and roads are a few and far between. El fin del mundo (the end of the world) is as distant from Los Angeles as you can get in the Americas. Over three incredible weeks I had the fortunate opportunity to explore the far Southern Hemisphere.


A short detour from Thailand into Burma in 2009 turned out to be an eye-opening look into one of the world’s most controlled military dictatorships. From surreal border crossings to hushed backdoor conversations revealing the “real Burma,” our time in this little-known land was anything but predictable. What we learned and saw shocked us in ways we could not have imagined.

Quick city tips

Short write-ups summarizing "must do," "honorable mention," and "avoid" activities for a short visit. Not at all meant to be a comprehensive city guide, but rather a short real world perspective to help your planning.

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